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Nobody laughed

After a week of Spain we picked up a rental car from Barcelona airport and headed to Provence. We made a stop at Figueres on the way. Most rental cars are manual shifted, so we had to pay big premium for avoitore automatique.

This pint-sized politician may not speak softly but he sure does carry a big stick. Mayor Robert Tufts is calling the shots in Dorset, Minn., a small community near Park Rapids。这位小小政治家可能不会温柔地跟镇上的居民沟通,但他还是会拄个大拐杖在镇上巡视。小镇长罗伯特·塔夫斯目前管理着明尼苏达州的小镇多西特,该镇位于帕克拉皮兹附近。


Driving in Cataluña and southern France is not only easy but fun, the countryside is dotted with castles and ruins. we passed through vineyards, wheat fields, orchards and sunflower fields in this land of van Gogh and Dali. Some form of GPS navigation comes in handy since one inevitably will take a wrong exit at on of the numerous rond point, and need something to bail you out.

The four-year-old might not have the academic credentials for the job (he hasn’t passed kindergarten). But residents say he’s got the chops--and the mouth--to run the town.4岁的小镇长可能没有不满足这项工作的学历资历要求(因为他幼儿园还没毕业),不过镇上的居民们都说他管理小镇来还真有两把刷子。

It wasn’t, more than others of its size, a dull town.相比于其他城镇的规模,这个城镇并不乏味。Buzz McCleary got drunk regularly once a month and got arrested, and for two summers there was a semi-professional baseball team.布兹·麦克利里每月固定大醉一场然后被抓。两个夏季以来,那儿都有个半职业棒球队。Sol Grey managed the promoting of the ball team.索尔·格雷在掌管着球队的升迁。He went about town to the druggist, the banker, the local Standard Oil manager and others, and got them to put up money.他去镇上找药商,银行家,当地标准石油经理还有其他人筹集资金。Some of the players were hired outright.其中有一些运动员是全职雇佣。They were college boys having a little fun during their vacation time, getting board and cigarette money, playing under assumed names, not to hurt their amateur standing.他们是暑期出来寻欢作乐的,拿着住宿费和烟火费,假以他人名义,为的是不让他们业余水平受损的大学生。Then there were two fellowsfrom the coal mining country a hundred miles to the north in a neighboring state.有两个来自一百英里外煤矿乡下的小伙子往北来到了临近的州。The handle factory gave these men jobs.处理厂给了这几人工作。Bugs Calloway was one of these.布格斯·卡洛韦是其中之一。He was home run hitter andafterwards got into one of the big leagues.他赢了本垒打然后就加入到大的联盟去了。That made the town pretty proud.这事让镇里的人感到十分骄傲。“It puts us on the map, “Sol Grey said.索尔·格雷说:“我们这个镇出名啦!” However, the baseball team couldn’t carry on.可是,棒球队没法继续走下去。It had been a small league and the league went to pieces.曾经他们是个小联盟而现在却支离破碎。Things got dull after that.在那之后,事情也变得乏味了。In a such emergency the town had to give attention to Hallie and Pinhead Perry.在危急之时,小镇把目光投到了哈利和笨佩里身上。

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“He’s amazing. He’s just completely amazing,” said Kathy Schmidt, whose family has lived in the area for four generations. “He’s right in your face and well-spoken. You can’t imagine what a ball of fire he is。” The mayor can sing and dance with the best of them, WCCO reports。家族四代人都住在小镇上的凯西·施密特表示:“他很棒,真的非常棒。他站在你面前,说话头头是道。你可能想不到,但他真的是个才智过人精力充沛的孩子。” 根据WCCO网站的报道, 塔夫斯才艺多多,能唱会跳。

(6)The Perrys had been in Greenhope since the town was very small.在小镇刚发展的时候,佩里们就住在格林霍普。Greenhope was a town of the upper South, and there had been Perrys there ever since long before the Civil War.格林霍普是南方上游的一个城镇。在内战爆发前,佩里家族就住在那里了。There were rich Perrys, well-to-do Perrys, a Perrys who was a preacher, and one who had been a brigadier general in the Northern army in the Civil War.佩里家族中有的很富有,有的很能干,有的是牧师,还有的曾是南北内战中北方军队的陆军准将。That didn’t go so well with the other well-to-do Perrys.但他们却与家族其他富有的人相处得不好。They liked to keep reminding people that the Perrys were of the South.他们喜欢向人们吹嘘说佩里家族就是整个南方。“The Perrys are one of the oldest and best families of the old South,” they said.“佩里家族是老南方中历史悠久又优秀的家族之一。”They kept pretty quiet about Brigadier General Perry who went over to the damned Yanks.但他们却对佩里将军投奔北方美国佬的事情保持沉默。

Saint Remy-en-Provence

He guides his citizens safely across the street, big stick in hand. He’s also an expert fisherman and knows how to dole out advice about the best bait to use。小镇长常手里拄个拐杖,引导着镇上居民安全地过马路。他还是钓鱼方面的专家,经常给出意见,教大家如何使用最好的鱼饵。

As for Pinhead Perry, he, to be sure, belonged to the no account branch of the Perrys.至于笨佩里,毫无疑问是属于地位卑微的家族分支。The tree of even the best Southern family must have some such branches.即使是优秀的南方家族族谱也会有这样的分支。Look at the Pinametters.But let’s not drag in names.但我们不要对号入座。 Pinhead Perrys was poor.笨佩里很穷。He was born poor, and he was simpleminded. He was undersized.他出身贫寒,头脑简单,身材又矮小。A girl named Mag Hunter got into trouble with a Perrys named Robert, also of the no account Perrys, and Mag’s father went over to Robert’s father’s house one night with a shotgun.一个叫玛格·亨特的女孩同样与也是佩里家族地位卑微的叫罗伯特惹了麻烦。于是有天晚上她的父亲带了把枪去他家找他。After Robert married Mag he lit out.在他们结婚后,罗伯特就离家出走了。No one knew where he went, but everyone said he went over into a neighboring state, into the coal mining country.没有人知道他去哪里,但所有人都说他去了隔壁州一个乡下挖煤。He was a big man with a big nose and hard fists.他是一个有着大鼻子和结实拳头的大个子。“What the hell’d I want a wife for? Why keep a cow when milk’s so cheap?” he said before he went away.他在离家出走前说:“我要一个妻子干什么?当牛奶很便宜的时候还需要养着奶牛吗?”

Our home away from home was a house in olive groves, at the foot of Alpilles hills, in St. Remy, rented for the week from an American couple, Gil and Suz. We were pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and well equipped the house is. it’s tastefully decorated with élégance provençal.

And he’s not ashamed to talk about his love life. He says he has just one girlfriend for now--a girl named Sophia. It’s unclear whether the town’s first lady knows that she’s captured the mayor’s heart。谈起自己的恋爱生活他也落落大方,表示自己现在有一个女朋友——小姑娘叫苏菲。不过我们还不清楚,这位小镇第一夫人知不知道自己已经俘获了小镇长的心。

(7)They called his son Pinhead, begin calling him that when he was a little thing.周围的人都在他很小的时候就叫他笨脑瓜。His mother worked in the kitchen of several well-to-do families in Greenhope but it was a little hard for her to get a job, what with Negro help so cheap and her having Pinhead.他的母亲在格林霍普几个富有人家的厨房干活,因为有廉价黑人的竞争,还要照顾笨佩里,她很难找到工作。Pinhead was a little off in the head from the first, but not so much.笨佩里偏离的头部有点小,但不是很小。

There 4 bedrooms for the six of us, plus an office. after a week of tiny European hotel rooms, we were fish back in water!

Mayor Tufts was chosen at last year’s “Taste of Dorset” festival. The small town selects its leader in a drawing during the popular event. Campaigns don’t cost much in Dorset--just $1 will get your name in the hat.塔夫斯是在去年的“体验多西特” 节上当选的镇长,小镇会在这项全民参与的活动中通过抓阄选择领导人。多西特的竞选活动花费不多,只要一美元,你的名字就可以放到帽子里去啦。

His father was a big man but the only thing big about Pinhead was his nose.他的父亲是个大个子而笨佩里唯一大的是他的鼻子。It was gigantic. It was a mountain of a nose. It was very red.鼻子非常巨大,就像山峰一样,非常的红。It looked very strange, even grotesque, sticking on Pinhead.它看起来很奇怪,甚至怪异,就好像粘在笨佩里身上一样。He was such a little scrawny thing, sitting often for a half day at a time on the kitchen step at the back of the house of some well-to-do citizen.他骨瘦如柴,常常半天时间坐在厨房里,不与那些富人们接触。He was a very quiet child and his mother, in spite of the rather hard life she had, always dressed him neatly.他是个安静的男孩,而他的母亲,无论生活多么艰苦,总是给他穿得整整齐齐。Other kitchen help, the white kitchen help, what there was of it in the Greenhope, wouldn’t have much to do with Mag Perry, and all the other Perrys are indignant at the very idea of the calling herself a Perry.其他厨房下手,包括那在格林霍普的白人下手,才不会与玛格·佩里来往。其他佩里人对叫她自己为佩里感到愤愤不平。It was confusing, they said.他们说,这很令人困惑。The other white kitchen help whispered. ”“She was only married to Bob Perry a month when the kid was born,” They said. They avoided Mag.其他白人厨房下手避免让她知道而低声说:“孩子出生的时候,她嫁给了鲍勃·佩里才只一个月而已。

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Robert is not the first young leader of Dorset, with the town having previously had a 5-year-old from Chicago in charge. The town boasts a population of 22. 塔夫斯也不是多西特小镇第一任年轻领导人,该镇曾有过一个来自芝加哥的五岁孩子当选镇长。小镇上只有22位居民。

There was a philosopher in the town, a sharp-tongued lawyer who hadn’t much practice.镇里有个哲学家,有个说话尖酸但缺乏锻炼的律师。He explained. The sex morals of America have to be upheld by the working classes,” He said.  “The financial morals are in the hands of the middle-class. That keeps them busy,” He said.他解释说,“美国的性道德要靠这些工人阶级来维持。金融道德掌握在中产阶级那里,才让他们十分繁忙。”

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(8)Pinhead Perry grew up and his mother Mag died and Pinhead got married.笨佩里长大了,在他母亲逝世后,他结婚了。He married one of Albright girls...her name was Hallie...from out by Albright’s Creek.他的妻子叫做哈莉,是奥尔布赖特人,来自奥尔布赖特河的地方。She was the youngest one of eight children and was a cripple.她是个瘸子,十八个孩子中最小的。She was a little pale thing and had twisted foot.他扭着脚走路,脸色苍白。“It oughten to be allowed,” people said. They said such bad blood ought not to be allowed to breed.人们说,“她不能被生出来”They said, “Look at them Albrights.”“看看这些奥尔布赖特人。”The Albrights were always getting into jail.这些人总是做坏事被抓进监狱。They were horse traders and chicken thieves. Theyweremoon-liquor makers.他们贩卖马匹又拐卖儿童,还偷做月亮酒。

St. Remy is an ideal location for exploring Provence. The town is full of history. It gave birth to Nostradamus, cared for a distraught Van Gogh. There is even a Roman ruin.

But just the same the Albright were proud and defiant lot. Old Will Abright, the father, had land of his own. And he had money.他的父亲,老威尔·奥尔布赖特有钱又有地,就像和奥尔布赖特一样又傲慢又目中无人。If it came to paying a fineto get one of his boys out of jail, he could do it.要是让他交罚款救出在监狱里的众多孩子之一,他是能够做到的。He was kind of man who,although he had less less than hundred of acres of land...most of hillside landand not much good, and a big family, mostly boys...always getting drunk, alwaysfighting, always getting into jail for chicken stealing or liquor making,in spite,as they said in Greenhope,of hell and high water...in spite of everything as,you see, he had money.他是那种尽管有少于百亩的土地,而且又不是很好的山坡地,还有个生了很多男孩这样大家庭的人。这些男孩总是喝醉,打架,总是因为偷东西或者偷偷造酒而被抓入狱。尽管如此,就像他曾在格林霍普说过的,不管一切如何千辛万苦,他就是有钱。He didn’t put it in a bank. Hecarried it.他没把钱放在银行里而是随身携带着。“Old Will’s always got a roll,” people in town said.“老威尔总是随身携带钱。”镇里的人如是说。“It’s big enough to choke a cow,” they said. The town people were impressed.镇里人印象深刻,说:“这钱很多,多到能够窒息一头牛。”It gave Will Albrighta kind of distinction.这钱让威尔·奥尔布赖特与别人区别开来。That family also had big noses and old Will had a big walrus mustache.他的家庭同样也有大鼻子而老威尔留着一副海象胡子。

Just steps away from the house, there is the Van Gogh trail along which more than a dozen easels of his famous paintings created while he was hospitalized.

(10)They were rather a dirty and a disorderly lot, the Albrights ,and they were sometimes sullen and defiant ,but just the same ,like the Perrys and other big families of that country ,they had family pride.奥尔布赖特家族就像佩里家族还有其他大家族一样,他们又脏又乱,有时甚至闷闷不乐、目中无人。就因为他们为他们的家族感到自豪。They stuck together.他们都陷入了困境。Suppose you had a few drinks in town on a Saturday night, and you felt a little quarrelsome and not averse to a fight yourself, and you met one of the Albright boys, say down in the lower end of town, down by the Greek restaurant, and he got gay and gave you a little of his lip, and you said to him.假设周六晚上你在镇上喝了点酒,与某人发生了争吵,然后在一家希腊人开的餐馆,在小镇的边角上,他放肆地轻吻了你。“Come on, you big stiff, let’s see what you have got.”接着你对他说:“来吧,大傻瓜,让我看看你的本事。” And you got ready to sock him.你也准备好用拳头打他。 Better not to do that.最好不要那样。God only knows how many other Albrights you’d have on your hands.只有上帝才知道你手上有多少奥尔布赖特家族的人命。They’d be like Stinewall Jackson at the battle of Chancellorsville.他们就像斯通沃尔·杰克逊在切斯劳维尔战役中一样。They came down on you suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, out of the woods, as it were.他们就和平常一样突然出现在你面前,你不知道他们从哪里冒出来。 “Now, you take one of that crew. You can’t trust ‘em. One of them’ll stick a knife into you. That’s what he’ll do”.“现在,干掉这帮人中的一人。你不能相信他们。其中一人会用刀杀了你。他们会那样做。” And think of it, little, quiet Pinhead Perry, marrying into that crew.想一想,又小又安静的笨佩里是那帮人的人了。He had grown up.他被抚养长大。But that’s no way to put it.He was still small and rather sick looking.他还是很矮小,带着病怏怏的表情。Gid knows how he had lived since his mother died.吉迪恩自从他母亲去世后就学会生存。

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(11) He had become a beggar.他成了一个乞丐。That was it.就是他。He’d stand before one of the grocery stores when people were coming out with packages in their hands.他站在一家食品杂货店前,看着人们手里提着袋子出来。“Hello!” he called all the other Perrys “cousins” and that was bad.“你好!”他叫着其他佩里的“兄弟姐妹”,但反应不好。“Hello, Cousin John,” or “Cousin Mary,” or Kate or Harry.“你好,约翰堂兄”或者“玛丽堂妹”或者凯特或哈利。He smiled in that rather nice little way he had.他以他很好的方式笑了笑。His mouth looked very tiny under his big noses and his teeth had got black.他的嘴巴在他大鼻子的对照下,看起来很小,牙齿也变黑了。He was crazy about bananas, “Hello, Cousin Kate . Give me a dime please. I got to get me some bananas.”他热爱香蕉,“你好,凯特堂兄。请给我一个10美分的硬币,我想要买些香蕉。” And there were men, the smart-alecks of the town, taking up with him too, men who should have known better, encouraging him.那儿还有镇里聪明的人,和他相好,他们本该相互了解,来鼓励他。That lawyer…his father was Yank from Ohio…thephilosophic one, always making wisecracks about decent people…getting Pinheadto sweep out his office…he let him sleep up there…and Burt McHugh, the plumber,and Ed Cabe, who ran the poolroom down by the tracks. 那个明哲的律师,他的父亲是来自俄亥俄州的美国佬,总是嘲弄正直的人们,总让笨佩里打扫他的办公室,让他睡在那里。还有水管工伯特·麦克休和艾·德索,在铁轨下开设赌场。

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“Pinhead, I think you’d better go up and seeyour Cousin Tom.笨佩里,你最好上去看你的汤姆堂兄。He was asking for you.他正在叫你。I think he’ll give you a quarter.我觉得他会给你一个25分硬币。”Cousin Tom Perry was cashier of the biggest bank in town.堂兄汤姆·佩里是镇上最大银行的出纳员。One of those fellows, damn smart-alecks, had seen Judge Buchanan…一个他的同事,太聪明了,他见过法官布坎南the Perrys and the Buchanan go into the bank.佩里和布坎南走进银行。He was a director.他是个主管There was going to be a director’s meeting.那将要开个主管的会议。There were other men going in.其他人也走了进来。you could depend on Pinhead walking right into the director’s room where they had the mahogany table and the mahogany chairs.跟着笨佩里就不会走错会议室,因为那里有红木桌椅。The Buchanans sure liked to take down the Perrys.而坎南确定要把佩里干倒。

At the end of the trail, there is the mental hospital he was hospitalized in, the St. Paul monastery and hospital.

(12)“You go in there, Pinhead.你去那里,笨佩里。Cousin Tom has been asking for you.汤姆堂兄在叫你呢。He wants to give you a quarter.他想要给你一个25分硬币。” “Lordy,” said Burt McHugh, the plumber, “Cousin Tom give him a quarter, eh? Why, he’d as soon give him an automobile.”“老天爷,”水管工伯特·麦克休说,“汤姆堂兄要给你一个25分硬币,对吧?为什么他还给他一辆汽车。” Pinhead took up with the Albrights.笨佩里和奥尔布赖特氏好上。They liked him.他们喜欢他。He’d go out there and stay for weeks.他们要出去外边呆上几周。The Albright place was three miles out of town.奥尔布赖特氏的地方离小镇有三英里远。On a Saturday night, and sometimes all day on Sundays, there’d be a party out there.周六晚,有时周日一整天那里都有派对。There’d be moon whiskey, plenty of that, and sometimes some of the men from town, even sometimes men who should have known better, men like Ed Cabe and that smarty lawyer, or even maybe Willy Buchanan, the judge’s youngest son, the one who drank so hard and they said had a cancer.那儿有许多月亮威士忌酒。有时从镇里来的人,有些是应该比较出名的,像艾·德索,聪明的律师,甚至是法官最小的儿子威利·布坎南,喝得烂醉,说自己得了癌症。

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And all kinds of rough people.还有所有粗鲁的人。

St. Remy has one of the largest markets in Provence.

There were two older Albright girls, unmarried, Sallyand Katherine,and it was said they were “putting out.”萨莉和凯瑟琳是两位大年纪,还未结婚的奥尔布赖特氏女孩。据说他们被赶出家门。Drinking and sometimes dancing and singing and general hell-raising and maybe a fight or two.她们喝着酒,有时唱歌跳舞,还爱惹麻烦甚至打架。

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“What the hell?” old Will Albright said“他妈的?”老威尔·奥尔布赖特说…his wife was dead and Sally and Katherine did the housework…他的妻子死了而萨莉和凯瑟琳在干家务活“What the hell? It’s my farm.

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It’s my house. A man’s king in his own house, ain’t he?”“他妈的?这是我的农场,我的房子,老子的地盘老子做主,不是么?”

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Pinhead grew fond of the little crippled Albright girl, little twisted-footed Hallie.笨佩里对有点残废跛脚的哈莉渐生爱意。And he’d sit out there in that house, dancing and all that kind of a jamboree going on…in a corner of the big untidy bare room at the front of the house, two of the Albright boys playing guitars and singing rough songs at the tops of their voices.他呆在屋里,在举行的派对里跳舞,而在又杂乱又空空的大房间角落,两个奥尔布赖特男孩正在弹着吉他,用高音唱着难听的歌。


(13)If the Albright boys were sullen and looking for a fight when they came to town, they weren’t so much like that at home.当奥尔布赖特男孩来到镇里的时候,如果他们沉着脸,并找人打架,但他们在家里却不那样子。They’d be singing some song like “Hand Me Down My Bottle of Moon” and that one about the warden and the prisoners in the prison, you know, on a Christmas morning, the warden trying to be Santa Claus to the boys and what the old hardboiled prisoner said to him, the two older Albright girls dancing maybe with a couple of the men from town—old Will Albright…他们正唱着像“把月亮瓶交给我”这样的歌曲。还有你知道的,监狱里的犯人和监狱长,在圣诞日的早上,狱长试着像圣诞老人一样对待这两个男孩,而有个又老又强硬的犯人跟他说,那两个跳着舞的大龄奥尔布赖特女孩也许和来自镇里的男人呆在一起。he was sure boss in his ownfamily…sitting over near the fireplace, chewing tobacco andkeeping time with his feet.老威尔·奥尔布赖特是一家之长,坐在壁炉旁边,嚼着烟草,用双脚记录着时间。He’d spit clean and sharp right through his walrus mustache and never leave a trace.他把痰吐干净,理直他的海象胡须,从未留下痕迹。That lawyer said he could keep perfect time with his feet and his jaws.那个律师说他用双脚和下巴就能够数出完美的时间。“Look at it,” he said, “there ain’t another man in the state can spit like Old Will.”“快看!”,他说:“州里还没有谁能够像老威尔那样吐痰。” Pinhead sitting quietly over in a corner with his Hallie.笨佩里安静地与哈莉坐在角落里。They both smiled softly.他们都轻轻地笑。Pinhead didn’t drink.笨佩里没喝酒,也不会喝酒。He wouldn’t. “You let him alone,” Will Albright said to his boys.威尔·奥尔布赖特对那些男孩说:“让他一人呆着。”Pinhead and Hallie got married one Saturday night andthere was a big party, everyonehowling drunk.笨佩里和哈莉结婚了。周六晚上举行了一个盛大的派对,所有人都喝得酩酊大醉。Two of the guests wrecked a car trying to get back to town and one of them, Henry Haem…a nice young fellow, a clerk in Williamson’s drygoods store…you wouldn’t think he’d want to associate with such people...he got his arm broke .两个他的客人,在回镇里的路上出了车祸。其中一个人很好的年轻人,叫亨利·海姆,是威廉姆森纺织品商店的店员,你想不到他会去巴结这些人…结果他的胳膊断了。Will Albright gave Pinhead and Hallie ten acres of land…good enough land…not too good boys built them a house.威尔·奥尔布赖特给笨佩里和哈莉他们十英亩的地…足够好的土地…建上房子就更好了。It wasn’t much of a house but you could live in it if you were hardly enough.房子虽然不大,但够你住的了。 Neither Pinhead nor Hallie was so very hard.笨佩里和哈莉都不辛苦。

We enjoyed quaint little hillside villages and idyllic towns on water. There must be hundreds of them in Provence, each with its own unique characters and story. we have only visited a small fraction of them, perhaps the more accessible and better known ones, leaving the rest for imagination and future exploration.

(14) They lived. They had children.他们住了下来,而且有了孩子。People said there had been ten of the children.人们说他们有十个孩子。Pinhead and Hallie were getting pretty old.笨佩里和哈莉越来越老了。It was after the Albrights were all gone.在奥尔布赖特之后的都去世了。Pinhead was nearly seventy and Hallie was even older.笨佩里几乎70岁了而哈莉则更老。Woman in town said, “How could she ever have had all of those children?”镇里的女人说,“她以前怎么可能有过那些孩子?”

Along the cotes du Rhone wine road, at the foot hills of Dentelle mountain, there are villages built along the hill side, such as this hamlet, Seguret, named for security provided by the massive gate at the entrance arch.

“ I’d like to know,” they said.“我想要知道,”他们说。

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The children were nearly all gone.他们的孩子几乎都没了。Some had died.有些已经死了。An officer had descended on the family and four of the children had been carried off to a state institution.一位官员突然来访,并把其中四个孩子带到国家机构去。

it was a good climb up hill to the top of the village. it was lunch time, both kids were starving. Our target, the highly recommended restaurant at the top of the village became a strong motivation. the girls were way ahead of us to the top of the town, where restaurant la table du Comtat is, only to find out that the restaurant was full!

There were left only Pinhead and Hallie andone daughter.只剩下笨佩里和哈莉还有一个女儿。They had managed to cling to her and the little strip of land given them by Will Abright, but the house, a mere shed in the beginning, was now in ruins.他们设法依赖她还有威尔·奥尔布赖特给的小带状土地,但是房子前方很小的棚屋,不过现在已损坏了。Every day the three people struck out for town where now, the philosophic lawyer being died, a new one had taken his place.每天他们三个从明哲的律师死去的地方出发去镇里,就有新的人来代替他们。There will always be at least one such smarty in every town.每个镇至少总是有个聪明的人。This one was a tall, slender young man who had inherited money and was fond of race horses.这是个又高又瘦,继承了家产又热爱赛马的年轻人。 He was also passionately fond of practicaljokes.他同样也热爱恶作剧。 The plumber, Burt McHugh, was also gone, but there were new men, Ed Hollman the sheriff, Frank Collins, another young lawyer, Joe Walker, who owned the hotel, and Bob Cairn, who ran the weekly newspaper in Greenhope.水管工伯特·麦克休同样也去世了。不过新来了一些人,有警长爱德华·霍尔曼;另一个年轻的律师弗兰克·柯林斯;酒店长乔·沃克;格林霍普周报的编辑鲍勃·凯恩。

Can you believe it? in this what we thought middle of no where, on a windy day! the maître-d was quite adamant about not letting us eat without a reservation. Francis pulled the maître-d aside for a small talk with his struggling French. Did not work. OK, lesson learned. From there on, we do not call on a restaurant without reservation.

There were the men who with Sol Grey and others had helped organize the baseball team.还有其他人和索尔·格雷一起的组建了棒球队。They went to every game.他们每场比赛都去。When the team disbanded they were heartbroken.当球队解散的时候,他们很伤心。

Disappointed and Hungary, we headed back down hill. At half way, we came across this restaurant with big heavy door closed. but listening through the door, there seemed to be business inside. outside, accolades of this place covered the entire window display including a Michelin recognition letter.We knocked on the door and out came a nice girl ushering us in.

(15)And there was Pinhead cominginto town followed by Hallie andthe onedaughter.笨佩里带着妻子哈莉和女儿来到镇里。Mabel was her name.梅布尔是她的名字。Mabel was tall and gaunt and cross-eyed.梅布尔又高又瘦又是斗鸡眼。She was habitually silent and had an odd habit.她习惯性地不说话而且有个古怪的习惯。Let some man or woman stop on the sidewalk and look steadily at her for a moment and she would cry.如果让路上的男男女女停下来镇定地看她一会儿,她就会哭起来。When she did it, Pinhead and Hallie both ran to her.当她这样做的时候,笨佩里和哈莉都会跑向她。She was so tall that they had to stand on tiptoes and reach up, but they both began patting her thin cheeks and her gaunt shoulders.她太高了,以至于他们俩得踮起脚尖才够得着。他们轻拍着她的脸颊还有瘦弱的肩膀。“There, there,” they said.“在这里,在这里,”他们说。It didn’t turn out so badly.从未有过这么糟。When someone had made Mabel cry, it usually ended by Pinhead collecting a nickle or a dime.当有人把梅布尔弄哭了,通常都是笨佩里收集着硬币给她,她才不会哭。He went up to the guilty one and smiled softly.他走到哭泣的她身边,轻轻地笑。“Give her a little something and she‘ll quit.”“给她点东西她就会停止了。”He said, “She wants a banana.”他说:“她想要一根香蕉。” He had kept to his plea for bananas.他为香蕉而一直恳求着。It was the best way to get money.这是得到钱的最好方式。He, Hallie and Mabel always walked into town single-file , Pinhead walking in front...他,哈莉还有梅布尔总是依次一个一个走进镇里,笨佩里走在前面…although he was old now, he was still very alive...虽然他老了,但看起来很有生气…then came Hallie...然后进来的是哈莉…her hair hanging down in strings about her pinched face…她那绑成辫子的头发垂在她苍白的脸上…and then Mabel ,very tall and in the summer barelegged .而后是梅布尔,她非常高,光着腿。Summer or winter she wore the same dress.无论冬夏都穿着同样的衣服。

Yes! there was still a table for us, without reservation!

(16)It had been black. It had beengiven her by a window.她的衣服曾是黑色的,是从窗户里扔出来的。There was a little black hat that perched with cloth of many colors.那还有一顶带有许多颜色布料的小黑帽。The colors blended.这些颜色混合在一起。There was a good deal of discussion of the dress in town.镇里的人们讨论着他们的服饰装扮。No two people agreed as to its color.没有人会同意那样的颜色。Everything depended on the angle at which she approached you.每件事都取决于她接近你的角度。

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These people came into town every day to beg.每天这些人都来到镇里乞讨。They begged food at the back doors of houses.他们在房子的后门讨吃的。The town had grown and many new people had come in formerly.这个小镇发展了,人也多了起来。The Perrys came into town along a dirt road, passing town people who, when there had been a shower and the road was not too dusty, were out for a drive in buggies and phaetons, but now the road was paved and they, the Perrys, passed automobiles.佩里们沿着脏兮兮的道路走来,经过镇里的时候,道路正在清洗不会那么脏。镇里的人们开着机动车或者四轮马车出去。不过现在的道路被铺平了,经过佩里们身边的都是汽车。It was too bad for the other Perrys.对于其他的佩里们来说太糟糕了。The family was still prosperous and had increased in numbers and standing.他们的家族还很兴旺,现在又新增了人员。None of the other Perrys took their afternoon drives out of town by that road.没有一个佩里们会在下午开车经过那条路。 It was the lack of a baseball team. It was because of a dull summer.棒球队里缺人,是因为这个沉闷的夏季。It was Sol Gray, the man who had the notion of organizing the baseball team, who got the big idea.是因为有组建一支棒球队,有好主意的索尔·格雷。

Restaurant Mesclun, a not bad alternative to Comtat. Lunch was up to Michelin standard. our plates were very good. Wish we had 3 hours to spare to go through their set menu like the rest of diners in there.

He told the others.他告诉其他人。He told Joe Walker the hotel man and Bob Cairn who was editor of the newspaper.他告诉酒店长乔·沃克和报社编辑鲍勃·凯恩。He explained. He said that he was standing in front of a store.他解释着说他那会儿站在一家商店前。 “I was in front of Herd’s grocery,” he said.他说:“我那时在赫德的杂货店前。”He had just been standing there when the three Perrys had come along.他只是站在那里,看着他们三个走过来。He thought that Pinhead had intended to ask him for a nickel or a dime.他想着笨佩里打算向他乞讨一块硬币。Anyway Pinhead had stopped.但是笨佩里却没有。Sol thought he must have been thinking of something of something else.索尔在想,他肯定在想着别的事情。Perhaps he was trying to think of some way to break the monotony of life in Greenhope that summer.也许他正想着一些方法来打破这个夏天在格林霍普单调的生活。He found himself staring hard and long, not at Mabel but at Hallie Perry.他发现自己久久地凝视着哈莉·佩里而不是他的女儿梅布尔。

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(17)He did it unconsciously like that and didn’t know how long he had keep it up, but suddenly there had come a queer change over Pinhead.他无意识地凝视着,不知道看了多久,突然出现一个同性恋改变了笨佩里的想法。 “Why, you all know Pinhead,” Soul said, the men were all gathered that day before Doc Forman’s drugstore.索尔说:“为什么,你们都知道笨佩里的。”这些人都在那天聚集在福尔曼医生的药店前。Sol kept bending over and slapping his knees with his hands as he told of what had happened, He had been staring at Hallie that way, not thinking of what he was doing, and Pinhead ha got suddenly and furiously jealous.索尔保持弯腰的姿势,用手拍打着膝盖,当他说着话的时候,用那样的眼神注视着哈莉,不知道他在干什么。笨佩里这时就突然很生气,吃醋起来。 Pinhead had no doubt intended to ask Sol for a nickel or a dime to buy bananas.笨佩里无疑要向索尔乞讨一枚硬币去买香蕉。Up to that moment no one in town had ever seen Pinhead angry.直到那一刻,之前还没有人见过笨佩里生气的样子。 “Well, did he get sore?” Sol Grey cried.“怎么,他生气了?”索尔·格雷大声说。He shook with laughter.他摇晃着笑了笑。Pinhead had begun to berate him. “You let my woman alone!”笨佩里开始严厉地责备他说, “你别管我的女人!” “What do you mean staring at my woman?”“盯着我的女人看是什么意思?” “I won’t have any man fooling with my woman!”“我不会让任何男人欺负我的女人的!” It was pretty rich.他十分富有。Pinhead had got the idea intohis head that Sol…he was alumberand coaldealer… a man who took pride in his clothes… a married man… the crazy loon hadthought Sol was trying to make up to Pinhead’s wife.笨佩里有了主意:索尔是个废物兼煤炭交易商,是个为他的着装感到骄傲的人,是个结了婚的人。笨佩里这个疯子以为索尔正在拍他妻子的马屁。 It was something gaudy. It was something to talk and to laugh about. It was something to work on.有些东西很花哨,有些事情需要说说笑笑,有些则需要好好做。Sol said that Pinhead had offered to fight him.索尔说笨佩里有要打他的冲动。“My god”, cried Joe Walker.“我的天!”,乔·沃克大喊。Pinhead Perry was past seventy by that time and there was Hallie with her lame foot and her goiter.笨佩里已经七十多岁了,陪伴他的是跛着脚还有甲肿的哈莉。

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And all three of the Perrys so hopelessly dirty.他们三个是多么的肮脏。

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“My God! Oh My Lord! He thinks she’s beautiful!” Joe Walker cried.“我的天,我的地!他觉得她很漂亮!”乔·沃克大喊。

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“Swell” said Bob Cairn.“那是肿胀。”鲍勃·凯恩说。The newspaper man, who was


always looking for ideas, had one at once.这位总是寻找灵感的报社编辑,马上想到了这个词。

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(18)And all three of the Perrys so hopelessly dirty.他们三个是多么的肮脏。

Gigondas produces the region’s best red wines. at the village, there is Le Caveau de Gigondas, a wine co-op that let us try all kinds of wines this region produces. while the guys filled up, we

“My God! Oh my Lord! He thinks she’s beautiful,” Joe

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Walker cried.“我的天,我的地!他觉得她很漂亮!”乔·沃克大喊。

ventured up along the village lanes to church atop, which gave us a good view of the heart of the cotes du Rhône vineyards.

“Swell,” said Bob Cairn.“那是肿胀。”鲍勃·凯恩说。The newspaper man, who was always looking for ideas, had one at once.这位总是寻找灵感的报社编辑,马上想到了这个词。


It sure had innumerable funny angles and all the men went to work.当然有数不尽有趣的角度去解读,但所有人都得工作。They began stopping Pinhead on the street.他们开始在街上阻止笨佩里。He would be coming along followed by the two women, but the man who had stopped the little procession would draw Pinhead aside.他独自走来,后面跟着他的妻儿,而那个阻止他妻儿的人则把笨佩里拉到一旁。“It’s like this”, he’d say.对他说:“像这样。”He’d declare he hated to bring the matter up but he thought he should.他已经宣称他讨厌把事情弄大,但他觉得他应该会。“A man’s a man,” he’d say.他说:“一个男人的男人。”“He can’t have other men fooling around with his woman.”“他不能让其他的男人欺负他的妻子。”It was so much fun to see the serious, baffled, hurt look in Pinhead’s eyes.看到笨佩里严肃,困惑,痛苦的双眼就觉得很有趣。There would be dark hints cast out.那或许会有模糊的暗示出来。

This little island on the Sorgue River reminds me of 周庄, with bridges over the town’s many canals fed by fresh spring water of the Sorgue river.

The man who had taken Pinchead aside spoke of an evening, a night in fact, of the past.那个拉笨佩里到一旁的人说了一整晚过去的事情。He said he had been out at night and had come into town past Pinhead’s house.他说他曾经晚上出来,来到镇里经过笨佩里的家。There was no road out that way and Pinhead and his two women, when they made their daily trip into town, had to follow a cow path along Albright Creek to get into the main road, but the man did not bother to take that into account.那里没有好走的道路。当笨佩里和他的妻儿在镇里日常往来的时候,他们不得不跟着奶牛走的路,经过奥尔布赖特河,来到主道上。但那个人却没把这事放在心上。

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(19) “I was going along the road past your house,”“我在路上走着经过你家。” There had been various men of the town seen creeping away from the house at night.似乎镇上有许多人曾经偷偷地在晚上离开。 No doubt Pinhead was sleep.无疑那会儿笨佩里睡着了。Certain very respectable men of the town were named.无疑镇里受人尊敬的人被任命起来。There was Hal Pawsey.有哈尔·波西。He kept the jewelry store in Greenhope and was a very shy modest man.他是个在格林霍普开着家珠宝店,非常害羞谦逊的人。Pinhead rushed into his store and began to shout.笨佩里跑进他的店里开始大喊大叫。There was a woman, the wife of the Baptist minister, in the store at that time.那会儿浸礼会牧师的妻子正在里头。She was seeing about getting her watch fixed.她是来看看她的手表修好了没有。Hallie and Mabel were outside on the sidewalk and they were both crying.哈莉和梅布尔则在外头哭泣着。Pinhead began beating with his fists on the glass showcase in the store. He broke the case.笨佩里开始用他的拳头打碎橱窗的玻璃抢走珠宝。He used such language that he frightened the Baptist minister’s wife so that she ran out of the store.他用那样的话吓唬着浸礼会牧师的妻子以便可以逃之夭夭。 That was one incident of the summer but there were many others.那是夏天发生的案件,不过还有许多其他类似的案件。The hotel man, the newspaper man, the lawyer, Sol Grey, and several others kept busily at work.酒店长,报社编辑,律师,索尔·格雷还有其他人都很忙。

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They got Pinhead to tackle a stranger in town, a traveling man, coming out of a store with bags in his hand, and Pinhead got arrested and had to serve a term in jail.因为袭击了镇里的陌生人,笨佩里被抓入狱。他袭击的是一位拿着袋子从店里出来的旅客。It was the first time he’d ever been in jail.这是他第一次被抓入狱。


Then when he was let out, they began again.当他出狱的时候,他们又开始了。It was swell. It was great fun.那又激情又好玩的人和事。There was a story going around town that Pinhead had begun to beat his wife and that she took it stoically.镇里传开来的故事是笨佩里开始打他的妻子而她却忍了下来。Someone had seen him doing it on the road into town.有人还看到他一路打他的妻子打到镇里。They said she just stood and took it and didn’t cry much.他们说她就只是站着忍着,没有嚎啕大哭。

Going to the source of the river, we were lead to another idyllic village, where the medieval Italian poet Petrarch mourned for his love. (yes, that’s how romantic the place is!)

(20)The man kept it going.笨佩里继续这样做。It was a dull summer.那是个沉闷的夏天。One evening, when the moon was shining and the corn was getting keen-high, several of the men went in a car out to pinhead's house.一天晚上,当月光照亮夜空,玉米长到膝盖高的时候,几个人开着车直奔笨佩里的家。They left the car in the road and crept through bushes until they got quite near to the house.他们把车停在路上,然后悄悄地潜入灌木丛直到靠近笨佩里家。One of them had given pinhead some money and had advised him to spend it to buy a bag of flour.其中一人还给过笨佩里钱并建议他去买包面粉。The man in the bushes could see into the open door of the shack.在灌木丛里的人能够看到棚屋开着的门。"My God,” said Joe Walker.“我的天!”乔·沃克说。"Look!" he said. "He's got her tied to a chair."“看!他要把她绑到椅子上。”

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"Ain't that rich?" he said.“他不是很富有吗?”他说。

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Pinhead had Hallie sitting in the One chair of one-roomed house…笨佩里让哈莉坐在屋里的椅子上the roof was almost gone and when it rained the water poured in…屋顶快没了,下雨的时候雨水会倾泻而下…and he was tying her to the chair with a piece of rope.他正试着用绳子把她绑到椅子上。Someone of the men had told pinhead that another man of the town had planned to visit the house that night.其中有人已经告诉过笨佩里那晚镇里有人要去他家拜访。 The men form town lay in the bushes watching.那个镇里来的人正在灌木丛里看着。The tall daughter Mabel was on the porch outside and she was crying.而他们长得高的女儿梅布尔在门外哭泣着。Pinhead, having got his wife to the chair, began to scatter flour on the floor of the room and on the porch outside.笨佩里已经把他妻子绑在椅子上,然后开始把面粉撒在屋内和门外。He back away from Hallie, scattering the floor, and she was crying.他背对着哈莉,撒着面粉,而哈莉正哭着。When he had got to the door and as he was backing across the narrow rickety front porch, he scattered the flour thickly.当他去门口又回来路过狭窄快散架的前门的时候,把地上的面粉散得更厚了。The idea was that if any one of Hallie's lovers came, he'd leave his footprints in the flour.他的想法是如果哈莉的任何情人来的时候,就会在地板上留下脚印。

The river magically appears from no where and flows through the town past many beautiful cafes.

(21)He came out into a little yard at the front and got under a bush. He sat on the ground under the bush.他出来,走到前门院子,躲到灌木丛里并坐在地上。In the moonlight the men from town could see him quite plainly.在月光的照射下,镇里人能够清清楚楚地看到他。They said after words that he also began to cry.他们说完话后笨佩里开始哭了。For some reason, even to the men of Greenhope, who were trying as best they could to get through a dull summer, the scene from the bushes before Pinhead’s house that night wasn’t funny.出于某些原因,甚至是格林霍普那些尽他们最大努力度过这个沉闷夏天的人,那晚在笨佩里家灌木丛里看到的那一幕觉得并不有趣。When they had crept out from under the bushes and had got back to their car and into town, one of them went to the drugstore and told the story, but nobody laughed.当他们从灌木丛里偷偷溜出来,开车回镇里的时候,其中一人去了药店并说了这件事,但没有人笑得出来。


In 1309, a newly elected moved his papacy to Avignon under a hospitable French king. For the net 68 years, Avignon was the capital of Catholic world. The Papal palace is nothing compared to the Vatican. After all, what’s 100 years compared to thousands years of accumulation and how many Michelangelo’s our civilization can produce?

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From the palace, we can see the famous broken bridge of Benezet,

bifa7777.com 29

From the palace, we can see the famous broken bridge of Benezet. Walking on it in the mistral wind was a challenge.

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bifa7777.com 32

This was the city that i

bifa7777.com 33

nspired Van Gogh. In winter of 1888, the 35 year old floundering artist left Paris to Arles in hopes of jump starting his career. He was inspired by the sun, the clear sky, the bright stars at night, the rugged landscape and farmers in the wheat fields. He created a lot of his famous works here.

his painting of the bullfight audience in the Arenabifa7777.com 34

He painting of the bullfight audience in the Arena.

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Legend has it that this is the street the drunken Van Gogh took walking into town for drinks every night.

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We stopped in Mime for lunch on our way to Pont du Gard. Roman built Pond fu Gard supply Nimes with water, and now it became the reason for us to visit Nimes. As one of the earliest Gallic cities that pledged allegiance to the great Roman empire, Nimes was treated very well, as evidenced by the Arena, the Maison Carree rivaling Rome’s Pantheon.

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Nimes became an industry town, danim was made along the river side.

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In Roman time, Nimes was a favorite retirement location for the victorious Roman generals returning from the many African battles, just like Montana to the policemen and Florida to the wall street warriors.

Today, most of the structures are still well preserved, since Nimes was spared of heavy bombings such as those received by the less fortunate Arles.

The roman aqueduct is an engineering marvel. The entire aqueduct is 30 kilometers long, and there is only 8 meters of vertical drop.

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Gorges in recent years the most trendy down in the Luberon, drawing many big shots from Paris to set up country houses here by restoring older homes. The village is striking against the hill. We didn’t have time to visit the village this time, We were trying to catch good light before dusk to take good photos of the lavender fields in the famous Abbey.

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bifa7777.com 43

bifa7777.com 44

We were 2 weeks too early. The next picture is Francis artistic imagination on canvas.

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Les Baux

Among all the towns we visited, the most unique one, also one of the losest to St. Remy, Les Baux. the hilltop town crowns the rugged Alpilles Mountains. It has a medieval castle carved into rocks at top, withstanding countless sieges and attacks since medieval age. the remaining walls serve as testaments to the feisty people in this castle.

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Gastronomy Provençal

Dinning is serious business in France. We dare not take it lightly. For days, we religiously followedowed dinning recommendations from all sources, going through many-course dinner every day, until the kids finally rebelled. They demanded more time for playing cards than sitting through 3 hour dinner! Haven’t we spoiled our kids rotten!

Here are count-downs of our top 4 best dinning experiences in Provence:

WARNING: don’t attempt reading the following with an empty stomach

#4 L’aile ou la Cuisse in St. Remy

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Dinning is serious business in France. We dare not take it lightly. For days, we religiously followedowed dinning recommendations from all sources, going through many-course dinner every day, until the kids finally rebelled. They demanded more time for playing cards than sitting through 3 hour dinner! Haven’t we spoiled our kids rotten!

Here are count-downs of our top 4 best dinning experiences in Provence:

WARNING: don’t attempt reading the following with an empty stomach

bifa7777.com 51bifa7777.com 52

bifa7777.com 53bifa7777.com 54

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and open ambience. very enthusiastic manager posing with menu du jour for us.

gazpacho, fish tartar, scampi risotto were all excellent. This place is one good desert chief away from a Mechiline star.

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#3 at Maison Juane, one Michelin star, a seven course meal that took 3 hours.

bifa7777.com 57bifa7777.com 58

bifa7777.com 59bifa7777.com 60

it would have been a very memorable dinner had it not been the slow service and a very tiring day we just had. the meal is mostly seafood. after this meal, we went into a pizza and sandwich break for two days.

#2 was our first meal in Provence at Alain Assaud, in St. Remy, highly recommended by guest book at our vacation house.

bifa7777.com 61bifa7777.com 62

it serves very Provencal cuisine the most classical of which is the Piet et parquet: a daube dish that involves goat feet and goat stomach stuffed with ham. The more adventurous Francis and Donghui loved the dish, claiming this to be the most memorable dish of the trip.

The rest of us stick to the easier to like dishes like Marseille fish soup and seafood plate.

bifa7777.com 63bifa7777.com 64

#1 the honor goes to Oustou de Baumaniere

Located at the foot of Les Baux, this one is famous, trying to earn back the third Michelin star it lost years ago.

bifa7777.com 65

Lobster and fish mousse to start.

bifa7777.com 66bifa7777.com 67

salad soup with aioli, interesting concept and pretty presentation, but legume will always be legume to carnivores.

bifa7777.com 68bifa7777.com 69

Pâté With a coat of cherry jelly for someone who don’t even particularly like goose liver, this is the best foie gras I have ever tasted. Red snapper

bifa7777.com 70bifa7777.com 71

Nothing wrong with the steak. But not extraordinary.

bifa7777.com 72bifa7777.com 73

Lobster, yummy! creamy sauce was scraped clean by these bread. how could I not gain some weight! The Michelin stars are shinning through.

cavaillon melon balls with Florentine and vanilla icecream.

bifa7777.com 74

Straberry sorbet on top of watermelon balls in peach soup with nutty crumbs.

bifa7777.com 75bifa7777.com 76

Rasberry creation.

The rhythem was perfect. The service is impeccable. My needs were often anticipated.

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