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By Russell Goldman and Adam Holisky

A friend tells me, he often has trouble in relationship with somebody, just he doesn’t know how to get along well with others. Using the omnipotent key I think the problem is not the method for getting along with others currently, point is he doesn’t know what does he want for being himself, in relationship it means that he still doesn’t know what does he want, so the confusion in relationship is like the problems of how to be himself. What he lacks is his self-recognition.

Incredible footage shows a massive brown bear hugging his human best friend at a wildlife rescue centre。


If someone who doesn’t know what does he want and not be honest to himself. In fact, what he only has is imagination. The process will be like this, the operating system is messy and disorder, he wants good things and has much higher mind than the sky. His self-esteem is so strong. He doesn’t like being criticized very much, he thinks that is attack to him. He always has self-protection but he doesn’t know his doing. Actually. What he does is self-harm, he is hurting himself but he has no idea about this. All of he has is the reverse, totally wrong.Someone who is strong likes being on the bottom, someone who is weak always standing on the top. Sometimes “strong” means vulnerable.Because the man has nothing, he likes self-protecting, but he still has nothing, so pathetic.The right ones should be honest, brave, be strong, kind, hard-working, diligent, pragmatic.


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Surely, sometimes these right morality needs to be found and practice, you know them often hear them, but mostly you are not doing like that. They are very simple but often be ignored. Since they are good truth and usually you can understand deeply after you experienced, you still should keep them in mind because you need.

The video shows Jimbo, a 22-year-old Kodiak bear, cuddling his namesake Jim Kowalczik at the Orphaned Wildlife Centre in Otisville, New York state。

The cast and crew

Example in job choice


                                                  They initially pitched the film to studios as a joke.

You owed you will pay. Skills experience relationships are resources for one’s living and development. And step by step, stage by stage, they can’t be overtaken. The truth is you can’t make it. Life is like once movie, you can’t come again. It is the live.

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When the duo were going around Hollywood to meet with producers about potential projects, the “Swiss Army Man” concept was intended as a joke…until someone told them to make it.

So, accumulating is the point. Your attention and time is accumulation for your study, your study experience is the accumulation for your job, your job is accumulation for your experience, your experience is accumulation for your relationship, all is your resource, and you use them to make your life.

Jim, 57, and his wife Susan have looked after Jimbo, who is also known as Jimmy, since he was a cub and refer to the 1,400lb (635kg) animal as their ‘son’。

“Most of our feature film ideas were so we could pitch crazy things when we go to studios,” said Daniel Kwan. “We did it so we could hang out with producers who would go, ‘What do you think about the next G.I. Joe’? or something, and we would go, ‘What do you think about this movie?’”

When you choose a job think about what you can use to accumulate which link you are in.  To recognize it and adjust then improve. You can make a good accumulation.


“Deep down we really wanted to make ‘Swiss Army Man’,” said Daniel Scheinert. “Eventually one producer said, ‘Why don’t you just make it?’ He said, ’That sounds great. You should write it.’ Then we were like, ‘Oh no, now we have to write it.'”

All the confusion in choosing one job is knowing unclearly. If you cheat and fool your boss work environment, you fool yourself, your attention time value and your future. Time not stay, but you are further and further from a bright future. So, do carefully with effort is do earn.

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From there, the Daniels started writing and the tone of the entire project came together instantaneously.

Choosing a job which you can practice and accumulate, that will make you be a better man. At least not the one unmeaningfully consume your energy. If happy if meaningful useful, balance them then do choose.

The video shows the giant brown bear with his arms wrapped around Jim as they embrace。

“As soon as we started writing it, we never thought, ‘Let’s make a movie that starts with a fart and the whole movie is fart jokes,'” said Scheinert. “There was no real draft that was just that. It was always like, ‘It’s going to end with a fart that’s going to make you cry.’ This is gonna get sincere, we’re gonna play it straight. The content is funny and the execution will be glorious.”

Example in love


              They went to the Sundance Labs in 2014, and their film got torn a new one.

Find a person who can make you grow. How to judge?A friend experienced several times failed love. He shared his stories wanting instructions. As a bystander, I think he is over 25, but his thinking is like 15, refusing to grow up. He thought willfulness is everything. It is good but someone needs to face reality and truth. Using over 15 years old understanding to deal with 25years old thing is not effective. Just like you are in middle school and you can’t attend entrance to college, cos you have no condition, this is the truth. What is “make you grow”?  You experienced one thing which made you recognize something you haven’t know before and broke your confusion made you learn to think. It is a kind of growth.

The pair rub their faces together, with the bear nuzzling his human friend。

In 2013, the Daniels submitted a draft of the “Swiss Army Man” screenplay for the Screenwriters Lab at the Sundance Institute. They would go on to attend the Screenwriters Lab in 2014, as well as the Directors Lab, the Composers Lab and a Producers Summit.

Example in relationship with others


“Thank God he bought that shitty land,” said Scheinert, referring to Robert Redford’s original purchase of Sundance in Utah.

As you get older, things and environment you are facing are different from the past, definition and meaning are different. Before, your friend is who can play with you well, you regard him as your friend, the child you like you would love to share something with him you treat him as your friend. The essence of life is exchange, for relationship, the essence is still exchange for someone. Your “would love” is no longer your “would love to” as before, it depends on your ability of “would love”, sometimes it means to wealth, status, that stands for right of speak. Because people have heart of distinguish. Later some friends are the ones who have relation with the role you played. Knowing yourself and the thing you do are the way for helping you deal with the relationship with others.

Speaking about his relationship with Jimbo previously, Jim said: ‘Jimmy is my best friend。 It doesn’t get any better than that。 He loves you just for you。‘

“You’re placed with no cell reception and hanging out with other filmmakers who were trying to develop their voice,” said Scheinert. “And you’re not allowed to write. They don’t let you, it’s all about talking and processing, talking and processing. It’s a marathon.”

Sometimes you ask somebody for help, you feel shame, but shame is useless, to become a useful man is useful.


“It’s what film school should be,” he continued. “They take your creative project, and they make you think about it hard and talk about it real hard. There’s no real perspective logic to it besides putting two people in a room. We came out of it with a stronger understanding of what we refused to change [in the script] and what needed a lot of changing.”

Example in daily life

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            One of the advisors at Sundance Labs critiquing their work? Quentin Tarantino.

You should have a try to buy some real good thing to have an experience. What is the different feeling between the good one and bad one. It reflects requirements to life for oneself.

‘He’s very gentle but sometimes he doesn‘t know his own strength - like if you’re trying to walk away he will grab your clothes or shorts and pull you back to him。

The original independent giant sat down with the Daniels at the Screenwriters Labs. His advice for them was predictably hilarious.

From the buddha reason, we shouldn’t have prejudice and distinguish to everything, there is also no absolute, but you need to have principles have requirements, need to balance when facing contradiction.


“Every single day you’re talking to advisors who are just industry professionals,” said Kwan. “One of the people who read our script and talked to us was [Quentin] which was absolutely insane. It was so much fun to talk to him about the movie. I was like, ‘let’s not talk about our movie, so in ‘Kill Bill’…”

The behaviors of personality

‘Think of the strongest person you know and magnify it by a thousand times - that’s how strong they are。

“I was so scared,” said Scheinert. “He’s a no filter kind of guy. One idea he had was that we should put the ‘Gilligan’s Island’ theme song somewhere in there. Like, ‘It should be he’s farting and there’s the Gillian theme song floating behind them.'”

I know two friends, many people say they are strange, isolated, lonely, low EQ, bad interpersonal relationship. I heard the same words they said. They said they don’t like ineffective social interaction. They don’t like hypocritical behaviors. They believe in truth even sometimes it hurts someone. They have principles, don’t mind being alone, they enjoy lonely.


“You sit down with these advisors for three hours at a time,” said Kwan. “You’ll do the same thing the next day and it’s exhausting. They’ll contradict each other – one person will be super encouraging, the next dismissive. It’s wonderfully chaotic.”

They know what they want and on the road to it.

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“He also wanted us to shoot on film and we didn’t,” joked Scheinert.

Someone who has completed personality is attracting.

                     The video for “Turn Down For What” started as a break from screenwriting,
                                                                                  but became integral for the film.

Isolated from crowded not mean they are not be loved by people. If not, there must be something wrong, that is not being oneself well, do reflecting is better, focusing on the focus, improvement and progress.

The DJ Snake and Lil Jon music video, which currently sits at over 500 million views on YouTube, was borne out of the Daniels’ impulsion to make something impulsive.

The root cause is self-recognition, that is recognition.

“We had finished draft two of ‘Swiss Army Man,’ and we were exhausted emotionally from academically trying to wrap our heads around a feature film,” said Kwan. “We were trying to get intellectual. And a music video is the opposite of that. You just let the id take over and see what happens.”

Metacognition is the cognition and understanding on one’s thinking process.

“The song kind of inspired us,” said Scheinert. “We were like, ‘Wow, this is really stupid.'”

Reflection is a purpose practice method for improving metacognition.

Directing the music video gave the Daniels the inspiration for how to configure an element of “Swiss Army Man” they struggled with during writing: The ability for the corpse Manny’s boner to function as a compass, pointing in specific directions on cue.

The positive examples of right values. Recommending Steve Jobs Speech on Stanford University about three stories. Listen the video over several times, you may get some inspirations. Like stay hungry stay foolish.

“We upped our boner game for ‘Swiss Army’=,'” said Kwan. “[Turn Down for What] was just a broomstick with a hole in the back of his pants. There were no visual effects. And ‘Swiss Army Man,’ we had an animatronic one built. It could point left and right. This was almost like a test shoot. So ‘Swiss Army Man’ inspired ‘Turn Down for What,’ not the other way around.”

“We certainly didn’t suspect this video would be a calling card or help us get the movie made, but it did,” said Kwan.

                                                     Daniel Radcliffe was a dream to work with on set.

The Daniels weren’t expecting to score Harry Potter for their weird indie film. Yet not only did he fit the bill for the part – an amazing actor who could also sing – he was down for the insanity.

“We respected the risks he’d already been taking as an actor, so we thought he might be down,” said Scheinert. “And he can sing – he was in ‘How to Succeed in Business’ on Broadway, so he checked that box. And we don’t like having assholes on set – we want our two lead actors to be fun to hang out with and be cool, and we’d heard nothing but sweet things. Paul was like, ‘I’d love to work with Daniel Radcliffe.’ So we reached out.”

“We Skyped with him and he asked if he could do his own stunts,” said Scheinert. “And we were like, ‘That’s the best question! You’re hired. And yes!'”

Though Radcliffe did not actually set himself on fire, he was willing to put himself in scenes in place of the dummy versions of Manny they created for the shoot.

“We didn’t know the guy,” said Scheinert. “He obviously had every right to not want to lie in the cold dirt for most of the day. But at the end he wanted to. He went, ‘If Paul’s going to be in the scene, I want to be in the scene.'”

“It kind of set the tone for everyone,” said Kwan. “If Harry Potter is going to lie in the dirt for hours, I can’t say shit. Nothing I’m doing is worth complaining about. It was so much fun having there in almost every scene. We only used the dummy with it looked like someone would die.”

                                          Getting the right bear for the film took some challenges.

One unique problem on the “Swiss Army Man” set was the need for a bear in a scene late in the movie. “We didn’t want to do a CG bear, because we couldn’t afford it and it really doesn’t look that good,” said Scheinert. “Even in ‘The Revenant’, which is an amazing movie, the bear looks like a video game almost. We wanted to hire a real bear or something else that felt real.”

“One of our ideas was to shoot a real bear and then comp its face onto an animatronic bear so it could do exactly what we wanted, but you could see the mouth and the eyes,” said Kwan.

The lead they got on animatronic bears – a man in Pennsylvania who owns one of the best animatronic bears in the country – wasn’t interested.

“We were like, ‘Come on over, it’ll be fun!’ and he was like ‘a hundred thousand dollars.'” said Scheinert. “We asked if he could cut us a deal and he said, ‘I read the script. Didn’t like the poop stuff. I think I’ll stick with commercials.'”

Ultimately, The Daniels had to settle for the real deal. “Tag the bear did a great job,” said Scheinert. “He didn’t need CG, he’s just real. He’s just a cool little bear.”

                                        There was no genre to fall back on while shooting –
                                                          they had to pave a new way of creating things.

There was nothing easy about shooting “Swiss Army Man,” from volatile weather to working with children to shooting on boats to shooting underwater to lighting someone on fire.

“Usually you can fall back on a genre or something and go, ‘It’ll be great!'” said Kwan. “With us, we were like, ‘I don’t know man, we’re making something crazy, it might not turn out well.'”

Accomplishing the shoot came from the Daniels’ desire to make a film that wasn’t just fun or funny, but something audiences would find human.

“There’s two halves of ourselves,” said Kwan. “One is rebellious and fuck-you and whatever, the other just wants to make something really sweet. When we work on a thing, the idea can be crazy and then two months from now it’ll be done and we’d just go, well, that was fun. So we’ll try to bring some value to it.”

“One of the reviews we read labeled it as neo-sincerity, like a post-post-modern sincerity,” said Scheinert. “We’re self aware of the fact that every story’s been told been told before, that you see two people fall in love in every single movie .But beyond that we still want to know love and still want to understand beauty.”

“The more sincere you go with something so stupid, the funnier it is,” said Kwan.